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Transfer Students

A transfer student is defined as someone who applies and is admitted as a transfer student for admissions purposes.

In addition to meeting the transfer admissions requirements described by Undergraduate Admissions, transfer students should complete an acceptable general education course pattern and preparatory courses for the intended major, prior to transfer. Successful completion of general education and major preparation will assure that you do not need to take any additional lower division courses at UC Merced.

Transfer students from a California Community College who complete the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)* and transfer students from another University of California campus who complete lower division general education requirements, as documented in a Letter of Reciprocity** from that campus, will be considered to have satisfied lower division general education requirements at UC Merced as described in the General Education section of the UC Merced catalog.

**A Letter of Reciprocity is an official document from a UC campus that confirms that a student has satisfied all of the lower-division, general education and University requirements at that campus.

UC Transfer Application

**Merced is accepting freshman and transfer applications for select majors through Nov. 30, 2023