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Intellectual Experiences

Starting from Fall 2023, students are required to fulfill 5 Intellectual Experiences through their coursework at UC Merced. 
One course may fulfill two Intellectual Experiences as well as other GE requirements. Check the current Catalog for approved courses in each Intellectual Experience.

NOTE:  Students enrolled prior to AY 23-24 should refer to their Catalog year for GE Requirements.  

Diversity and Identity

Consider how multiple kinds of difference—ethnic, racial, gender, and

sexual—impact individuals and societies in the past and present.


Investigate the ethical implications of research, policy, or behavior.

Global Awareness

Learn about environments, cultures, and issues in nations and regions outside the US.

Scientific Method

Learn how the scientific method leads to new knowledge about the natural world by collecting and integrating previous knowledge using empirical evidence.


Explore the ways in which humans affect and are affected by the natural world.