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Badge: Practical and Applied Knowledge

Students carry out field work, laboratory experimentation, or artistic practice.




*Courses are not offered every semester. Please check the class schedule for additional information. 
ANTH 100: History of Anthropological Thought and Practice
ANTH 120: Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH 121: Ethnomedicine
ANTH 124: Ethnopsychology
ANTH 141: Writing Narrative for Archaeology
ANTH 160: Human Origins
ANTH 170: Ethnographic Methods
ANTH 172: Ethnohistory
ANTH 174: Lithic Artifact Analysis
BIO 129: Paleoecology
BIO 141: Evolution
BIO 148: Fundamentals of Ecology
BIO 150L: Developmental Biology Laboratory
BIO 151L: Molecular Immunology Laboratory
BIO 161: Human Physiology
BIO 172: Sustainability of Agricultural Ecosystems
BIOE 113: Bioinstrumentation
BIOE 135: Biochemistry for Engineers
CHEM 002: General Chemistry I
CHEM 002H: Honors General Chemistry I
CHEM 008: Principles of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 008HL: Honors Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 008L: Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 010: General Chemistry II
CHEM 010H: Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM 095: Lower Division Undergraduate Research
CHEM 130: Organic Spectroscopy and Computation
CHEM 150: Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 153: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 155: Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research
COGS 101: Mind, Brain, and Computation
COGS 103: Introduction to Neural Networks in Cognitive Science
COGS 104: Complex Adaptive Systems
COGS 122: Agent-Based Modeling
COGS 159: Metaphor and Thought
COGS 161: Experimental Philosophy
COGS 170: Judgment and Decision Making
COGS 182: Service Science
CRES 076A: Social Dance, Social Bodies
CRES 076B: Movement for Dancers
CRS 195: Community Research and Service Experience
CSE 005: Introduction to Computer Applications
CSE 015: Discrete Mathematics
CSE 020: Introduction to Computing I
CSE 021: Introduction to Computing II
CSE 022: Introduction to Programming 
CSE 120: Software Engineering
CSE 155: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
ECON 006A: Financial Accounting I
ECON 006B: Financial Accounting II
ECON 007: Managerial Accounting
ECON 010: Statistical Inference
ECON 101: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 105: Corporate Finance
ECON 108: Marketing and Consumer Behavior
ECON 110: Econometrics
ECON 115: Economics of Industrial Organization
ECON 116: Organizational Strategy
ECON 126: Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ECON 147: Introduction to Economic Growth
ECON 153: Judgment and Decision Making
ECON 156: Urban and Regional Economics
ECON 161: International Finance and Trade
ECON 163: Economics of Investments, Futures, and Options
ECON 164: Economics of Emerging Markets
ECON 170: Game Theory
ECON 172: Experimental Economics
ECON 196: Senior Thesis in Economics I
ECON 197: Senior Thesis in Economics II
ENG 185: Reading from the Margin
ENGR 097: Engineering Service Learning
ENGR 197: Engineering Service Learning II
ENGR 151: Strength of Materials
ENGR 158: Service Innovation
ENGR 175: Information Systems for Management
ENGR 180: Spatial Analysis and Modeling
ENGR 190: Engineering Capstone Design
ENVE 010: Environment in Crisis
ENVE 030: Evaluating Sustainable Spaces: Leadership in Energy, Environment & Design (LEED)
ENVE 164: Energy Policy
ENVE 183: Field Methods in Subsurface Hydrology
ENVE 190: Environmental Engineering Capstone Design
ESS 001: Introduction to Earth Systems Science
ESS 002: Sustainability Science
ESS 010: Earth Resources and Society
ESS 015: Weather, Climate and the Environment
ESS 020: Fundamentals of Geology
ESS 050: Ecosystems of California
ESS 129: Paleoecology
ESS 148: Fundamentals of Ecology
ESS 172: Sustainability of Agricultural Ecosystems
GASP 010: Drawing I
GASP 011: Painting I
GASP 012A: Sculpture I
GASP 013A: Design I
GASP 014: Photography I
GASP 015A: Multimedia I 
GASP 020: Video I
GASP 030A: Latin American Music Ensemble
GASP 030B: South Asian Music Ensemble
GASP 030C: Swing Band
GASP 030D: Nordic Music Ensemble
GASP 031A: Latin Dance Ensemble
GASP 031B: South Asian Dance Ensemble
GASP 031C: Swing Dance Ensemble
GASP 031D: Nordic Dance Ensemble
GASP 034A: Songwriting 
GASP 036A: Making Electronic Music
GASP 036B: Recording and Studio Techniques
GASP 041A: Performative Storytelling
GASP 076A: Social Dance, Social Bodies
GASP 076B: Movement for Dancers
GASP 110: Drawing II: Figure
GASP 112A: Sculpture II
GASP 114A: Photography II
GASP 115A: Multimedia II
GASP 119: Topics in Public Art
GASP 120: Video II
GASP 122: Conceptual Art
GASP 141A: Advanced Performative Storytelling
GASP 144A: Art for Social Change
GASP 130A: Advanced Latin Music Ensemble
GASP 130B: Advanced South Asian Music Ensemble
GASP 130C: Advanced Swing Band
GASP 130D: Advanced Nordic Music Ensemble
GASP 131A: Advanced Latin Dance Ensemble
GASP 131B: Advanced South Asian Dance Ensemble
GASP 131C: Advanced Swing Dance Ensemble
GASP 131D: Advanced Nordic Dance Ensemble
GASP 157: Critical Photography
GASP 172: Curatorial Methods and Practices
GASP 173A: Theory and Method of Ethnomusicology
GASP 192: Internship in Global Arts
HS 110: 3D Modeling Cultural Heritage
HS 160: Methods in Digital Heritage
MATH 015: Introduction to Scientific Data Analysis
MATH 032: Probability and Statistics
MATH 125: Intermediate Differential Equations
MATH 126: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 130: Numerical Analysis
MATH 131: Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
MATH 132: Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MATH 140: Mathematical Methods for Optimization
MATH 141: Linear Analysis I
MATH 146: Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 150: Mathematical Modeling
MATH 180: Modern Applied Statistics
MATH 181: Stochastic Processes
ME 021: Engineering Computing
ME 144: Introduction to Multi-body Dynamics
ME 170: Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design
MGMT 118: Women in Executive Leadership
MGMT 127: Public Sector and Non-profit Management
MGMT 136: Advanced Business Law
MGMT 150: Service Science
MGMT 153: Judgment and Decision Making
MGMT 158: Service Innovation
MGMT 164: Operations Management
MGMT 170: Information Systems for Management
MGMT 171: Information Technology Strategy
MGMT 180: Entrepreneurship
MIST 040: Success through Interpersonal Social Skills
MIST 131: Data Governance for Analytics Projects
MIST 132: Geographic Information Systems Analysis in Management 
MIST 133: Service Innovation
MIST 134: Methods of Data and Network Science
MIST 150: Service Science
MIST 164: Energy Policy
MIST 175: Information Systems for Management
MSE 120: Materials Capstone Design
NSED 150: Research Methods in Education
PH 102: Health Promotion
PH 103: Health Communication
PH 137: Insects and Public Health
PHIL 004: Critical Reasoning
PHIL 102: Epistemology
PHIL 105: Philosophy of Language
PHIL 111: Philosophy of Neuroscience
PHIL 170: Philosophy, Politics and Economics
PHIL 172: Experimental Philosophy
PHYS 008L: Introductory Physics I for Physical Sciences Lab
PHYS 009L: Introductory Physics II for Physical Sciences Lab
PHYS 009L: Introductory Physics II for Physical Sciences Lab
PHYS 010: Introductory Physics III
PHYS 018L: Introductory Physics I for Biological Sciences Lab
PHYS 160: Modern Physics Lab
PHYS 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research
PHYS 196: Undergraduate Thesis
POLI 009: Community Mobilization and Politics
POLI 092: Internship in Political Science
POLI 107: California Politics
POLI 112: Public Policy: Analysis, Strategy, and Impact
POLI 125: Public Opinion
POLI 140: Transitions to Democracy
POLI 153: Judgment and Decision Making
POLI 158: Politics of Human Rights
POLI 165: International Organizations & Regimes
POLI 192: Internship in Political Science
PSY 010: Analysis of Psychological Data
PSY 015: Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 105: Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 124: Health Disparities
PSY 151: The Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice
PSY 156: Social Psychology
PSY 158: Positive Psychology
PSY 180: Physiological Psychology
PSY 181: Clinical Neuropsychology
PSY 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research
SOC 009: Community Mobilization and Politics
SOC 010: Statistics for Sociology
SOC 015: Sociological Research Methods
SOC 110: Social Movements, Protest and Collective Action
SOC 140: Organizational Behavior
SOC 161: Sociology of Sexuality
SOC 170: Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 175: Topics in Advanced Sociological Research Methods
SPAN 144: Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
SPAN 145: Novel of the Latin American Dictator
SPAN 177: Sociolinguistics and Latino Health
WRI 141: Writing Narrative for Archaeology


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Last updated 06/09/2020