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A Common Experience for All Undergraduates

Badge: Ethics

Students investigate the ethical implications of research, policy, or behavior. This requirement can be met either by a course that specifically focuses on ethics, or by a methods course in the major that makes research ethics a central theme.


*Courses are not offered every semester. Please check the class schedule for additional information. 
ANTH 001: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 003: Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology
ANTH 005: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 100: History of Anthropological Thought and Practice
ANTH 110: Migration, Diaspora and Transnational Belonging
ANTH 111: The Anthropology of Globalization
ANTH 112: Political Anthropology
ANTH 113: Urban Anthropology
ANTH 114: Social Memory
ANTH 116: Indigenous Activism in the Americas
ANTH 117: The Anthropology of Citizenship
ANTH 120: Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH 121: Ethnomedicine
ANTH 122: Anthropological Perspectives on Religion and Healing
ANTH 124: Ethnopsychology
ANTH 126: Anthropological Approaches to Gender
ANTH 130: Material Culture
ANTH 131: Space and Place: An Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 134: Dynamics of Small-scale Societies
ANTH 140: Cultural Heritage Policy and Practice
ANTH 141: Writing Narrative for Archaeology
ANTH 142: Archaeology of Colonialism
ANTH 144: Archaeology of Religion
ANTH 146: Topics in Small-Scale Societies
ANTH 148: Topics in Complex Societies
ANTH 149: Topics in Archaeological Anthropology
ANTH 152: Dying, Death, and Dead Persons
ANTH 155: Paleodemography
ANTH 170: Ethnographic Methods
ANTH 172: Ethnohistory
BIO 034: Introduction to Marine Science
BIO 043: Biodiversity and Conservation
BIO 047: Astrobiology
BIO 150L: Developmental Biology Laboratory
BIOE 108: Genetic Engineering
CCST 060: Introduction to Chicano/a Culture and Experiences
CHEM 194: Ethics and Communication in Chemistry
COGS 005: Introduction to Language and Linguistics
COGS 159: Metaphor and Thought
COGS 161: Experimental Philosophy
COGS 170: Judgment and Decision Making
CRES 001: Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
CRES 027: Local Harvest, Global Industry: History of the Production and Consumption of Food
CRES 070: Music of the Caribbean World
CRES 076A: Social Dance, Social Bodies
CRES 100: Theories in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
CRES 101: Race and the Media
CRES 110: Interdisciplinary Methods in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
CRES 120: Race, Law and Civil Rights
CRES 121: Critical Refugee Studies
CRES 150: Asians in the Americas
CRS 010: Introduction to Community Engaged Research
CRS 195: Community Research and Service Experience
CSE 005: Introduction to Computer Applications
CSE 155: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
CSE 160: Computer Networks
ECON 149: Economics of Sports
ECON 153: Judgment and Decision Making
ECON 155: Political Economics
ECON 172: Experimental Economics
ENG 010: Foundations of Literary Studies
ENG 018: Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture
ENG 031: Introduction to African American Literature and Culture
ENG 032: Introduction to Chicano/a Culture and Experiences
ENG 033: Literature and Sexuality
ENG 067: Environmental Ethics in Beast Fables
ENG 103: British and American Literature, 1830-1940
ENG 109: Encounters with Islam in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Literature
ENG 156: Oscar Wilde: Artist, Martyr, Celebrity
ENG 185: Reading from the Margin
ENGR 097: Engineering Service Learning
ENGR 175: Information Systems for Management
ENGR 190: Engineering Capstone Design
ENGR 191: Professional Seminar
ENGR 197: Engineering Service Learning I
ENVE 164: Energy Policy
ENVE 190: Environmental Engineering Capstone Design
ESS 034: Introduction to Marine Science
ESS 043: Biodiversity and Conservation
ESS 047: Astrobiology
FRE 103: French Composition and Conversation
GASP 070A: Music of the Pacific World
GASP 070B: Music of the Atlantic World
GASP 070C: Music of the Caribbean World
GASP 075A: Meaning in Music
GASP 076A: Social Dance, Social Bodies
GASP 172: Curatorial Methods and Practices
GASP 172A: Critical Popular Music Studies
GASP 172B: Global Popular Music
GASP 173A: Theory and Method of Ethnomusicology
GASP 174A: Music, Gender, and Sexuality
HIST 027: Local Harvest, Global Industry: History of the Production and Consumption of Food
HIST 100: The Historian's Craft
HS 140: Cultural Heritage Policy and Practice
HS 190: Topics in World Heritage
JPN 103: Advanced Japanese I
JPN 104: Advanced Japanese II
ME 170: Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design
MGMT 122: Teams and Organizations
MGMT 123: Business Ethics
MGMT 124: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
MGMT 125: Entertainment Management
MGMT 127: Public Sector and Non-profit Management
MGMT 135: Business Law
MGMT 136: Advanced Business Law
MGMT 153: Judgment and Decision Making
MGMT 170: Information Systems for Management
MIST 130: Statistical Data Analysis and Optimization in R for Decision Support
MIST 164: Energy Policy
MIST 175: Information Systems for Management
MSE 120: Materials Capstone Design
PH 005: Global and International Public Health
PHIL 002: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 003: Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 008: Love, Sex, and Gender 
PHIL 104: Ethical Theory
PHIL 131: Topics in Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 157: Philosophy of Love and Friendship
PHIL 170: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
PHIL 172: Experimental Philosophy
PHYS 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research
PHYS 196: Undergraduate Thesis
POLI 112: Public Policy: Analysis, Strategy, and Impact
POLI 153: Judgment and Decision Making
POLI 158: Politics of Human Rights
PSY 015: Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 125: Cognition, Affect, and Health
PSY 133: Neurodevelopmental Cognitive, Language and Learning Disorders
PSY 140: Clinical Psychology
PSY 142: Abnormal Psychology
PSY 156: Social Psychology
PSY 171: Psychological Tests and Measurements
PSY 183: Introduction to Human Behavioral Genetics
PSY 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research
SOC 015: Sociological Research Methods
SOC 107: Law and Society
SOC 145: Sociology of Health
SOC 170: Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 175: Topics in Advanced Sociological Research Methods
SPAN 050: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
SPAN 060: Introduction to Chicano/a Culture and Experiences
SPAN 100: Engaging Texts: Introduction to Critical Practice
SPAN 105: Hispanic Cultures I
SPAN 106: Hispanic Cultures II
SPAN 107: Spanish for Health Professionals
SPAN 108: Spanish for Business and Management
SPAN 111: Empire, The Postcolonial, and Representation: Reading East & West
SPAN 140: Latin American Colonial Literature
SPAN 143: Latin American Literature since Independence
SPAN 144: Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
SPAN 145: Novel of the Latin American Dictator
SPAN 146: Latin American Film and Fiction
SPAN 147: Latin American Boom
SPAN 148: The Narrative World of Mario Vargas Llosa
SPAN 150: Asians in the Americas
SPAN 151: Diasporas and Exiles in Latin America
SPAN 177: Sociolinguistics and Latino Health
SPAN 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research
WRI 141: Writing Narrative for Archaeology
Catalog information can be found here.
Last updated 05/28/2021

Co-Curricular Experiences

Note: In the past, it was possible to earn badges with co-curricular activities. This option will no longer be available beginning fall of 2021.