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A Common Experience for All Undergraduates

Badge: Quantitative and Numerical Analysis

Students evaluate data and develop quantitative reasoning skills. 



*Courses are not offered every semester. Please check the class schedule for additional information.
ANTH 010: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
ANTH 171: Human Population Studies: Data and Mapping
BIO 001: Contemporary Biology
BIO 018: Data Science for Life Sciences
BIO 034: Introduction to Marine Science
BIO 043: Biodiversity and Conservation
BIO 104: Biophysics
BIO 110: The Cell
BIO 124: Microbial Evolution
BIO  150: Embryos, Genes, and Development
BIO 153: Evolution and Development
BIO 161: Human Physiology
BIO  182: Bioinformatics
BIOE 002: Molecular Biology for Engineers
BIOE 002L: Molecular Biology for Engineers Laboratory
BIOE 113: Bioinstrumentation
BIOE 128: Biotechnology Laboratory
BIOE 135: Biochemistry for Engineers
CE 010: Surveying and Geomatics Fundamentals, Equipment, Methods, and Applications
CHEM 002: General Chemistry I
CHEM 002H: Honors General Chemistry I
CHEM 008: Principles of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 008H: Honors Principles of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 008HL: Honors Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 008L: Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 010: General Chemistry II
CHEM 010H: Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM 100: Organic Synthesis and Mechanism
CHEM 112: Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
CHEM 115: Instrumental Analysis and Bioanalytical Chemistry
CHEM 120: Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 130: Organic Spectroscopy and Computation
CHEM 131: Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM 140: Nanoscale Materials Chemistry
CHEM 150: Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 153: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 155: Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 181: Introduction to Molecular Dynamics
COGS 101: Mind, Brain, and Computation
COGS 103: Introduction to Neural Networks in Cognitive Science
COGS 104: Complex Adaptive Systems
COGS 122: Agent-Based Modeling
CSE 005: Introduction to Computer Applications
CSE 015: Discrete Mathematics
CSE 120: Software Engineering
CSE 155: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
CSE 160: Computer Networks
CSE 168: Distributed Software Systems
CSE 185: Introduction to Computer Vision
ECON 001: Introduction to Economics
ECON 005: Introduction to Business and Finance
ECON 006A: Financial Accounting I
ECON 006B: Financial Accounting II
ECON 007: Managerial Accounting
ECON 010: Statistical Inference
ECON 100: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON 101: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 105: Corporate Finance
ECON 110: Econometrics
ECON 111: American Economic History
ECON 115: Economics of Industrial Organization
ECON 126: Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ECON 140: Labor Economics
ECON 142: The Economics of Gender and Poverty
ECON 145: Health Economics
ECON 149: Economics of Sports
ECON 151: The Economics of Government and Business
ECON 156: Urban and Regional Economics
ECON 158: Economics of Regulation
ECON 161: International Finance and Trade
ECON 163: Economics of Investments, Futures, and Options
ECON 164: Economics of Emerging Markets
ECON 170: Game Theory
ECON 171: Advanced Econometrics
ECON 172: Experimental Economics
ECON 196: Senior Thesis in Economics I
ECON 197: Senior Thesis in Economics II
ENGR 032: Probability and Statistics for Engineers
ENGR 057: Statics and Dynamics
ENGR 151: Strength of Materials
ENGR 175: Information Systems for Management
ENGR 180: Spatial Analysis and Modeling
ENGR 190: Engineering Capstone Design
ENGR 197: Engineering Service Learning II
ENVE 010: Environment in Crisis
ENVE 164: Energy Policy
ESS 001: Introduction to Earth Systems Science
ESS 002: Sustainability Science
ESS 010: Earth Resources and Society
ESS 015: Weather, Climate and the Environment
ESS 020: Fundamentals of Geology
ESS 034: Introduction to Marine Science
ESS 043: Biodiversity and Conservation
ESS 094: Research in Environmental Systems Science
GEOG 002: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
HS 002: Introduction to Digital Heritage
HS 110: 3D Modeling Cultural Heritage
HS 150: Geographic Information Systems for Cultural and Environmental Heritage
HS 160: Methods in Digital Heritage
MATH 005: Preparatory Calculus
MATH 011: Calculus I
MATH 012: Calculus II
MATH 015: Introduction to Scientific Data Analysis
MATH 021: Calculus I for Physical Sciences and Engineering
MATH 022: Calculus II for Physical Sciences and Engineering
MATH 023: Vector Calculus
MATH 023H: Honors Vector Calculus
MATH 024: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
MATH 032: Probability and Statistics
MATH 101: Real Analysis
MATH 122: Complex Variables and Applications
MATH 125: Intermediate Differential Equations
MATH 126: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 130: Numerical Analysis
MATH 131: Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
MATH 132: Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MATH 140: Mathematical Methods for Optimization
MATH 141: Linear Analysis I
MATH 146: Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 150: Mathematical Modeling
MATH 160: Mathematical Logic
MATH 170: Quantitative Modeling of Biological Systems
MATH 180: Modern Applied Statistics
MATH 181: Stochastic Processes
ME 021: Engineering Computing
ME 144: Introduction to Multi-body Dynamics
ME 170: Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design
MGMT 128: Global Markets and Investment Banking
MGMT 150: Service Science
MGMT 164: Operations Management
MGMT 170: Information Systems for Management
MGMT 171: Information Technology Strategy
MGMT 180: Entrepreneurship
MIST 130: Statisticval Data Analysis and Optimization in R for Decisoin Support
MIST 132: Geographic Informational Systems Analysis in Management 
MIST 134: Methods of Data and Network Science
MIST 164: Energy Policy
MIST 175: Information Systems for Management
MSE 010: Intrigue of Everyday Materials in a High-Tech World
MSE 120: Materials Capstone Design
PH 100: Introduction to Epidemiology
PHIL 004: Critical Reasoning
PHIL 005: Introduction to Logic
PHIL 160: Mathematical Logic
PHIL 170: Philosophy, Politics andEconomics
PHYS 001: Physics and Future Leaders
PHYS 004: Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies and the Universe 
PHYS 008: Introductory Physics I for Physical Sciences
PHYS 008H: Honors Introductory Physics I for Physical Sciences
PHYS 008L: Introductory Physics I for Phyiscal Sciences Lab
PHYS 009: Introductory Physics II for Physical Sciences
PHYS 009H: Honors Introductory Physics II for Physical Sciences
PHYS 009L: Introductory Physics II for Physical Sciences Lab
PHYS 010: Introductory Physics III
PHYS 018: Introductory Physics I for Biological Sciences
PHYS 018L: Introductory Physics I for Biological Sciences Lab
PHYS 019: Introductory Physics II for Biological Sciences
PHYS 104: Biophysics
PHYS 115: Electrodynamics Core II Waves and Dynamic Electromagnetic Fields
PHYS 116: Mathematical Methods
PHYS 127: Machine Learning and Statistics for Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 160: Modern Physics Lab
PHYS 195: Upper Division Undergraduate Research 
PHYS 196: Undergraduate Thesis
PHYS 227: Machine Learning and Statistics for Physics and Astronomy
POLI 010: Understanding Political Controversies
POLI 105: Interest Groups and Political Parties
POLI 107: California Politics
POLI 108: Direct Democracy
POLI 125: Public Opinion
POLI 127: Race, Gender, and Politics
POLI 130: Institutions of Democracy
POLI 135: Political Behavior Around the World
POLI 140: Transitions to Democracy
POLI 158: Politics of Human Rights
POLI 165: International Organizations & Regimes
POLI 170: Theoretical Models of Politics
POLI 172: Games and Human Behavior
POLI 175: Advanced Analysis of Political Data
PSY 010: Analysis of Psychological Data
PSY 015: Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 105: Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 145: Human Sexuality
PSY 156: Social Psychology
PSY 170: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 171: Psychological Tests and Measurement
PSY 193H: Honors in Psychological Sciences I
PSY 194H: Honors in Psychological Sciences II
SOC 010: Statistics for Sociology
SOC 015: Sociological Research Methods
SOC 130: Social Stratification
SOC 132: Sociology of Education
SOC 135: Sociology of Work
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Last updated 09/30/2021

Co-Curricular Experiences

Note: In the past, it was possible to earn badges with co-curricular activities. This option will no longer be available beginning fall of 2021.